5G / IoT

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5G /IoT

Characteristic including high safety, small size, light weight, high energy density, diversified shape and flexible design etc.

Battery system cover 3.2V and 3.7V.

Product types:

High-safety battery

Quick battery



Super-high rate battery

Cylinder soft-pack battery

High energy density:

Battsys continuously innovates to achieve a breakthrough of smaller volume and higher energy, while meeting the super long cycle life.

High power:

Super high power density, superlow resistance and super long cycle life which make end equipment having lighter weight , stronger power and longer life.

2-5min. quick charge:

Quick charge with long cycle life and high safety performance.

Steel Cylindrical Battery - LiFePO4Series


Diameter cover 14#, 18#, 26#, 32# series;

Quick charge and high efficiency;

③High current and high rate discharge;

④High working voltage and high output power;

⑤Long cycle life, low self consumption;

⑥Use environment protective materials that conform to RoHS,REACH;

⑦High safety, meet GB31241,UL1642, IEC62133, PSE and KC standards.

SteelCylindrical Battery - NCM Series


Strong environment aladapt ability, can be used at -20~75℃;

Long cycle, low self consumption, 2C cyclelife3500weeks;

Material conformto RoHS, REACH, high energy density;

High safety ,meet GB31241, UL1642, IEC62133, PSE, KC safety requirements.

Terminal products:


Widely used in fields of 5G/IoT, ETC-OBU,Personal cleaning care Portable power tools, TWS/Wireless Bluetooth, Smart medical electronics and wearable, Smart consumer electronics, Electronic toys and Mobile power, and etc.

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