Solar Storage Battery Pack

Upload time:2020-03-19

Solar Storage Battery Pack


①Long life cycle, 3000 cycles;

②Good temp. performance, supports discharge from - 20℃~65℃,discharge>70% in nominal capacity under 0℃;

③High safety, meet  safety requirements such as GB31241, UL1642, IEC62133;

④Internal integrated solar controller, support wireless/infrared remote to control street lamp parameters;

⑤Provide customized R&D, design and manufacturing services.



Terminal application products:


            Pay-go                              Ready Pay                               Homesolar system                     Homesolar system


Advantage: Rich experience in energy storage efficiency&long life for off grid solar energy storage customers in Africa.


Widely used in fields of solar energy storage system, small household energy storage, portable small energy storage,  solar intelligent street lamp, emergency light, led light, outdoor light, floolight, recreational vehicle, caravan, auto driving, smart robot, security system, medical device, monitoring device, on-board device, exploration, and etc.

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