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Ultra thin li-ion battery 




Ⅰ. Performance Features

    1. Ultra-thin: the thickness can reach 0.2~0.5mm if metal foil is applied to be package film. The ordinary thickness is 0.3~0.5mm, and it matches the sealed thickness of standard cards.


    2. High Capacity: the capacity can be over 12mAh within 1 square inch, with long standby time.


    3. Rechargeable: long service life, can be charged & discharged for over 500 cycles; can be wirelessly charged or charged via IC contact.


    4 .Toughness & softness: no crumples after mounted, glued, sealed. can be bended in a certain degree for certain times.


    5. Rich variety:

   ①Battery system: Common systems like cobalt acid lithium– graphite (3.7V), lithium iron phosphate-graphite (3.2V). Other system(s) can be customized.

   ②Battery power: Two types of ultra-thin li-ion battery, capacity type & rate type can be offered.

   ③Battery shape: Square ultra-thin li-ion battery with size 12.5*12.5~50*50mm can be offered, and its ordinary sizes like 25*25mm, 30*30mm, 25*50mm. Round ultra-thin li-ion battery with Ф12.5~Ф50mm and also arc ultra-thin li-ion battery can be offered.

    6. Safe & environmental-friendly: No fire or explosion after overcharged, over discharged, short-circuited, punctured, impacted, thermally shocked; Conform to RoHS battery directive.


    7. Independent intellectual property rights: Ultra-thin ion battery has applied for 6 patents. For authorized patents, it includes 3 utility model patents and 1 invent patent. The rest of 2 invent patents are being reviewed.


    8. Achievements: The ultra technology has passed the appraisal by Science & Technology Department of Guangdong , and reached the international advanced level.




Ⅱ. Applied Products


Model Voltage
Size(mm) Weight
Charge rate Discharge rate




041322R 3.7 3 0.50 13 22.00 ~0.2 0.5C-1C 0.5C-2C
042525R 3.7 10 0.50 25.00 25.00 ~0.5 0.5C-1C 0.5C-2C
052026R 3.7 10 0.60 20.00 26.00 ~0.5 0.5C-1C 0.5C-2C
032550R 3.7 20 0.40 25.00 50.00 ~1.1 0.5C-1C 0.5C-2C
042550R 3.7 25 0.50 25.00 50.00 ~1.0 0.5C-1C 0.5C-2C
075055R 3.7 130 0.80 50.50 55.00 ~4.0 0.5C-1C 0.5C-2C
094260FR 3.2 110 1.00 42.50 60.50 ~4.0 0.5C-1C 0.5C-2C
CP042039 3 25 0.45 20.50 39.50 ~1.0 / 0.1C-1C



Ⅲ . Applied Area:


Widely applied to various RFID and smart cards, including ID card, bank card, metro card, access card, hotel room card, health card, social security card, medical card, expressway card, ETC, intelligent park, container recognition, vehicle fee check, mine personnel identification, automatic train identification management, traffic stop tolling collection system management, automatic air parcel identification-sort-transfer management, vehicle access card, campus card, meal card, transportation card, membership card, driver license card, animal electronic tag, equipment electronic tag, cargo electronic tag etc., which are fairly suitable to be designed as standard card.


IV . Reference battery models 





**Product size can be customized.
**Product with different voltage system, like 3.2V LiFePO4 battery, can be customized.


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 V . Performance Curve





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