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 Ultra-slim Cylindrical Lithium Polymer Battery



Fullriver has started R&D of cylindrical lithium polymer battery since 2006, and achieved the new upgraded 

one with smaller diameter only 4.0mm. It can be divided into two categories of quick-charged series and higher

cycle series  by their different advantages on performance , and has been applied to the frontiers of special purpose 

products, such as stylus pen, bluetooth headset, electric cigarette, electric toothbrush, medical equipment and so on.


Ⅰ. Performance Features  


1.  Super long life , can be used 5 - 10 years ;
2.  3 ~ 15 minutes of quick charge performance, 100% of rated capacity ;
3.  Safety, environmental, have already through the UL, UN, IEC, RoHS, REACH authentication and etc;

4.  Light weight, large capacity, good low-temperature performance , and large-power charge&discharge performance;

5.  Low self-power consumption, can effectively reduce the battery garbage power loss which causes by internal corrosion and self discharge;

6.  Owning 5 patents related to this area (ZL200610034990.6 & ZL200620056378.4 & ZL200810198973.5 & ZL200810029444.2 & ZL200910042369.8).


Ⅱ. Applied Products

  Fullriver Ultra-slim Cylindrical Lithium Polymer Battery


Ⅲ . Reference battery models 


Except for the following models, we also accept for customize in any size, for more details pls contact us by: , thank you.


1. Quick-charged Series  


Model Voltage



Minimum Capacity
Cell size (mm) Fast Charge
Fast Charge Time Weight


 Diameter  Height    
04300QC 3.7 6 5 ≤4.0 ≤30.5 20C/0.12A 1C 3min 0.6 UL1642


04300QC Performance Curve 



2. Higher-cycle Series

Model Voltage
Norminal Capacity
Cell size(mm) Charge Rate Discharge Rate Weight
Charge&Discharge cycles Authentication
Diameter Height
09330 3.7 120 ≤9.3 ≤33.0 1C-3C 1C-15C 3.2 2500 UL1642
09580 3.2 145 ≤9.2 ≤58.5 1C-8C 1C-10C 5.2 2500 UL1642


09330 Performance Curve



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