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Ⅰ. Arc li-ion battery


1. The first arc battery in the worldwide;

2. Long life, safe and environmental;

3. Widely used on wearable electronic device;

4. Can be customized in different radians,dimensions and capacity.

Fullriver arc li-ion battery


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Ⅱ. Ultra-thin Li-ion Battery


1. Meet the international standard of ISO7816 of smart card industry;

2. Being widely used in active RFID, smart card and encryption system, etc;

3. Thickness ranges from 0.20-0.50mm and weigh can light as 0.4g;
4. Not containing any material that would do harm to environment, completely conforms to RoHS directive;

5. Certain rigidities and flexibilities. Sealing without crumples and being able to endure bending in a certain degree and times;
6. More than 500 times of charge&discharge, service life can be up to 3-5 years without overheating, burning and leakage;
7. Provide customization of battery outline according to customer’s inner structure of product, such as curved, square and circular;

8. Not only can be charged by regular methods, but can also be charged wirelessly for card products containing battery sealed inside

Fullriver ultra thin li-ion battery


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Ⅲ . Cylindrical Li-ion Battery


1. Super long life, can be used 5 to 10 years;
2. 3 ~ 15 minutes of quick charge performance;
3. Safety, environmental, have already through the UL, UN, IEC, RoHS, REACH authentication etc;

4. Light weight, large capacity,good low temperature performance, and large-power charge&discharge;

5. Low self-power consumption, can effective reduce the battery garbage power loss which cause by internal corrosion and self discharge;

6. Owning 5 patents related to this area(ZL200610034990.6 & ZL200620056378.4 & ZL200810198973.5 & ZL200810029444.2 & ZL200910042369.8);

7. Widely applied to stylus pen, bluetooth headset, electric cigarette, electric toothbrush, medical equipment etc.

  Fullriver cylindrical li-ion battery



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