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Fullriver Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture is the thinking way and action of the high-level in dealing with things, which embody in the employee’s performance.

Expressing and announcing the value tropism by words is just the expectation of the corporate culture, while the real corporate culture content in accordance with the expectation and carrying through need rather a long time.

Fullriver Corporate culture fundamentally reflects in the "people-oriented" management concept, specifically in the following four aspects;

Firstly, the employees have sufficient free speech. During the management of the process; you are free to voice out your new ideas and views directly. The listener can basically maintain the mentality of "to correct mistakes if you have made any and guard against them if you have not." Saying directly if any opinions. Don’t worry about the mistakes. In such a working atmosphere, even we can not repose full confidence in each other but at least we are honest to work together to create a pragmatic and harmonious working environment.

Secondly, "proof of the pudding is in the eating" is the core of recruitment as well as personnel administration. We are devoting ourselves to provide a promotion platform for ambitious staffs. Staffs are allowed to apply for promotion whoever is confident for the position. Fullriver is willing to accept the risk of failure. For any research projects, you will be offered the research fund as long as you have a clear and practical plan. Fullriver will provide you with the opportunity if you can manage it. This is the culture of Fullriver.

Thirdly, give plentiful rewards to the employees who have made outstanding contribution in the past one year. Shares incentive proves the management concept. Employees who have made outstanding contributions for Fullriver in the past year would be given relative shares. Fullriver will remember who have done.

Moreover, Fullriver has introduced a system to encourage innovation. Staff would be rewarded for new ideas, good ideas that will create value for Fullriver. Fourthly, staff and corporation are growing together. The manner for corporation training talents includes the following points;

1) Bringing in talents. Staff can learn from him .

2) Advocating "learn from oneself", promoting the continual conclusion and summary. So that we will get overall self-improved and provide other staff with special enhancement capacity training.

Through the practice, we are looking for a developing way for our corporate culture which concretely concludes the following points;

1. Selecting talents culture; anyone can recommend himself/herself; Fullriver is willing to provide the corresponding resource to support him or her.

1)Technical talents: Whoever proves technological capability through developing project platform. Evaluate ability and work value by assessing project’s achievement.

2)Administrant talents: Fullriver affords enough working hours, management area or the specific management project and evaluates the working performance to determine his capability level.

2. Staff Treatment culture;

1)Maintaining Fullriver’s competitiveness, the main direction of salary towards to technology and management.

2)Seeking for the better salary for most of the staff, the salary in Fullriver is 30% higher than parallel position in the market.

3)Except for salary, there is shares incentives for employee who had made contributions.

3.Conference culture;

1)Every employee are allowed to organize inter-departmental meeting and invite staff at any level from any department to attend the meeting;

2)Advocating "sufficient free speech". For example, the speaker will be subjective while he/she is stating his/her points. However, if the speaker is sincere, the listener can basically maintain the mentality of "To correct mistakes if you have made any and guard against them if you have not".

3)Proposing aims pre-meeting, action proposal and results tracing afterward.

4. Work Quality culture;

1)"Do the best" is a part of the company’s strategy. While transform it to the practical operation, it embodies "do the detail best". As long as we do the every trifle excellently, we will do everything well naturally.

2)Production quality is the summation of every work quality. We achieve top product quality by manage the work quality.

3)Fullriver advocates the working concept of "Success or failure depends on the details".

4)Fullriver advocates innovation and improves the work quality standard by innovating.

5. Learning culture;

1) Create a learning Fullriver.

2) The purpose of learning is to improve the practical ability of the team. Employees get how to learn through the learning process.

3) Advocating learning from customers, learning from the suppliers, learning from competitor, learning from ourself.

4) The way of learning is flexible and effective, including discussing in meetings, sending employees outside for training. Advocate internal training and bring the management training into the routine of personnel administration even employees can learn from each other during having dinners.

Generally speaking, Fullriver corporate culture is positive and healthy undergoing running as time goes by. There were about 600 employees in early 2007 but now it increases to 1600 employees. It tells that the company can gather staff. The real reason is that company’s business philosophy---seeking greater benefits for most of the staff.

In the course of developing Fullriver corporate culture, the middle level management is the main spreaders and disseminator, especially the managers who is a "local officials". Staffs from all levels get perception of corporate culture through the department manager’s behavior and ways of thinking and this perception is regarded to be a known rule. It directly affects the guiding concept of staff from all levels. Therefore, to attain a favorable corporation culture, manager team must be built at first.

It will take a long time for corporate culture to achieve to the state of "practice, consolidation, comprehension" and it needs a long time. Simultaneously it requires the leader who takes charge of the corporate culture construction has a high awareness of corporate culture.

We firmly believe that we can develop Fullriver People during creating Fullriver Brand, while shaping Fullriver Culture during developing Fullriver People.

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