Guangzhou Fullriver Battery New Technology Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Fullriver Battery New Technology Co., Ltd Founded in 2006, with 3 billion RMB operate funds, engaging in lithium-ion battery R&D, production and sales.Possesses 3 divisions--Ultra-thin li-ion battery division, Steel cylindrical battery division & Polymer li-ion battery division, annual production capacity is up to tens of millions of battery cells.

Produce Series incl Ultra-thin li-ion battery , Steel cylindrical battery & Polymer li-ion battery series, which being sold worldwide including European, American, Asian and so on.

Widely used in fields of toy models, UAV remote control, wearable device, electronic cigarette, smart card, solar-powered lighting, power tools and storage energy device etc.
  • 3 Billion Operation Funds
  • 3 Divisions
  • 2 Production Bases
  • Tens of Millions Annual Capacity
Organization Structure

Polymer & Ultra-thin Li-ion Battery Division

(Capacity:100,000 pcs/day)

Tel:020-8482-1680-876/889 /

ADD:No.163, Liyu Street, Xili, Dongyong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou  City, China 


Cylindrical Li-ion Battery Division

(Capacity:100,000 pcs/day)


ADD:No.10, Standard Industrial Park, Taishi Industrial Zone, Dongyong Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou, China



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